Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ya! You Betcha!

Well it is three days past my return from Minnesota. I've been called crazy for visiting Minneapolis in February. I've gotten weird looks when I told people I was going to Minnesota for a pastor's conference with my Dad. People don't understand why I would travel across the country just to go hear some guys talk. Well here is my defense.
God told me to.
I know this may sound strange and I tried to talk my way out of going and reason why I shouldn't go but the Lord squashed every excuse that I could come up with, and instead of kicking against the goads, I went.
A funny thing Happened in Minnesota. God showed up!
Not to say we're not surrounded by Him where we live and have to leave home to find Him. But God does need to take us out of familiar surroundings and comforts in order for us to be able to hear his message and reveal His glorious plan. Just ask my Dad.
So, what was so great about this trip? I learned. I learned struggles that my dad and family had to go through. I learned why it is that I have been called to be a father to my son. I learned what it means to be a father to my kids at church, and I learned that in order to do what God has called me to do requires me to do hard things and to not pussyfoot out of them!
Our God is Awesome! I will forever remember my time with my Dad in Minnesota. I will remember what Crawford Lorrits said about being a pastor, and I will pattern my life in the manner that Gregg Harris shared about fathering, because that is why I was lead to Minnesota.
Am I crazy? Am I glad I went? Am I glad I went with my dad? Will I go again?
Ya! You Betcha!