Sunday, December 30, 2007

Acts 1:8... Challenge?

Didi you know that Acts 1: 8 was a challenge? Here I thought it was a command but according to the GBC (Georgia Baptist Convention) it's a new program we're going to guilt people into telling others about Christ.We're supposed to sign up and go to a conference and learn How we can carry out Acts 1:8, not only that but they want us to pay for it as well. Why do we need a flippin challenge? Why can't we see the greatness of what God has done in our lives and be so excited and relieved that we can't wait to tell others what He has done in our lives? Accepting Christ is a life changing event. Are we that paranoid and lazy or is apathy taking the place of excitement. Let's get off our bollocks and give people the good news; You don't need to feel guilt in order to take action like Nike says " Just Do It"!!!

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