Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Who's your man and Who's man are you? Discipling is not something that you wait to go to church to do. We call it discipleship training and all we do is show up for another bible lesson, listen to it, go home and forget about it. Where's the application? What are we doing in our daily walk that is equipping other people to become better disciples of Christ. We need to get off our lethargic, apathetic bums and start evangelizing and discipling like we've been commanded to do.
Why does discipleship have to be a program? Maybe Discipleship is just living your life like God wants you to and helping others along the way. Bro. Robby said it well last night. Witness is not a verb, its you. Discipling needs to be done with God's people( even the ones who don't know they are yet) and it starts with me.

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