Friday, November 23, 2007


Thanksgiving is not my favorite time of year however there is something to be said for nostalgia. I remember going to my grandmother’s house in Georgia and the times that were spent there. My grandfather was alive then, so were both of my uncles. My cousins would be there and it was a time that I couldn’t wait for, neither could I wait for Christmas time there either.

After our Thanksgiving meal everyone would usually lay around and nap, at least all of the grown-ups would anyway. I was usually off in my grandmother’s woods exploring or hunting with at least one of my cousins.

The morning after Thanksgiving, My dad, his brothers, my cousins, and I would all get up early and go hunting. After the hunt we would gather around my grandmother’s table and eat breakfast and tell deer stories/lies (whichever you prefer) and I remember looking at the men seated around that table and wanting to be just like them. Burly, strong, hunters, and well maybe not overweight, but definitely like them in most attributes. That’s how I remember Thanksgiving. It was only like that for one year that I can remember but I wish that’s how it always could be.

I hope your Thanksgiving has been one of memory and thankfulness. Ours was this year, and as long as I have my wife and son with me it will always be a fond memory.

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